Wednesday, 15 February 2012

SQL Server - How to generate Logs related to a specific Cluster Node and open the generated log file?

There are two ways to generate the Cluster node log-

1. Using Command Prompt 
2. Using Pwoershell 

Login in the Cluster node and run the below command-

Using CMD -

Syntax-  c:\>Cluster log /gen /node:’’node1”


C:\window\system32>Cluster log/g

Using Power shell - 

Syntax-  PS C:\> Get-ClusterLog –Node <SQL Server node name> –TimeSpan 15


PS C:\> Get-ClusterLog  Node_test1 TimeSpan 15

Note:- Here Timespan means 15 minute of log.

After running above any one command the cluster log will generate. To see the log follow below location -

Open the log C:\Windows\Cluster\Reports\Cluster.log file and you can find the error to fix issue.

Please let me know if you know any other way to get the Cluster log. - Jainendra Verma