Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to restore database in Always-On --OR-- Database is Corrupted/Suspected and need to restore it in existing Always-On availability replica?

Please find below very smile 6 step to Restore the New or suspected database in Always-on

1.   Open SSMS    à Connect to Primary availability group Server (Server1) à explore Availability databases  à  Right click and remove the database<DB1>.

2.   Refresh instance   à  you will see the removed database<DB1> will not be available in Primary availability database group  à  Go to the databases (Here the Synchronized status will be removed)  à Now restore the Full backup file with Recovery mode and with Replace option.

3.   Now Connect to the Secondary Availability Group Server(Server2)   à   Go to the databases and restore the database<DB1.bak> with No Recovery option, also restore the T. log<DB1.trn> backup of the database.

4.   Now again Connect to Primary availability group Server   à    Right Click on Availability database and click on ADD database option    à  Select your Restored database <DB1>   à select the any one Initial data synchronization mode <Full, Join Only>    à  Next  à  click on Connect button, to connect Secondary replica <Server2>  à Validation  à Next   à Summary à  Next  à  Result.

5.   Now refresh your both Servers instance and see on the Primary Server, database<DB1> should be in Synchronized state and on the secondary server, database should be in Synchronizing state.

       6.  Also do the failover and check the health on AG Dashboard

Please let me know if you have any other step to do the same. - Jainendra Verma

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