Wednesday, 3 May 2017

How to restore master database in Active Passive Cluster environment? or How to restore master database on a cluster instance?

Scenario- Today, One of my DBA friend faced this issue and as a friend he called me to take assistance.

In his production cluster environment. Unable to restart SQL Server Service manually because Master database was corrupted and client asked him to restore the DB without delay. Make everything online. 

He checked in Error log and found same issue.


1.            First you have to take SQL Server Service Offline from Cluster Admin

2.            Login to the active node of the cluster

3.            Go to the node running SQL Server and start it from the command prompt using below command and server name<INHYIZLP10722>:


C:\>sqlcmd -W -s , -S INHYIZLP10722


1.       Change the SQL Server Mode as Single User mode using below command-


1> sqlservr.exe -c -m


2.            Rebuild master database using below command( note – change/provide domain\username and password to run the SQL Server instance)


INACCOUNTS=Domain\Username /SAPWD=Passw$rdJai2212 /SQLCOLLATION=Latin_General_CI


Snapshot of the Rebuild command prompt-


Snapshot of the Restore command prompt-

  Restore master database using below command line

RESTORE DATABASE master FROM DISK = 'C:\BackupLocation\master.bck' WITH REPLACE;

3.            Once the master database is restored, the SQL Service will be shutdown automatically

4.            Now Start SQL Server Service from Cluster Admin.

5.            Now try to connect your User database from SSMS and ask end user to access the application/Database.

Please let me know if you know other method to perform same activity - Jainendra Verma

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